Something Different

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Okay I am going to be honest with you...PTC can get pretty boring at times, it's just click and wait, and click and wait and click and...well you know how it is! So why not do something else while you are clicking, something simple that can earn you some money and get you some really great friends?

Birejji is a paid to chat site that has been online and paying since April this year. It's the kind of place you really have to see to believe. I have been a member and moderator on the site since it's beginings, and while I am busy doing my PTC on one web page I am busy chatting on another web page.

If you want to come by and say hello click this link right here, sign up using you paypal email address and come find me (my username is Beautyfactor) I will explain how everything works once you get there!

Come, join in the fun and meet people from all over the world! Happy chatting!

Another Great PTC Site

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One of the newer sites I have found is Scarlet Clicks another really easy to use PTC site. I have reached payout on two occasions so I can highly recommend this one for a few extra cents.

The minimum withdrawal is just 10 cents with Paypal although they also offer withdrawals via Alertpay. As well as clicking for cash you can also read ads, sign up for offers and enter into a click exchange.

All you have to do to sign up is click the banner below and remember that the more clicks you make via this website, the more chance you have of winning that $10 voucher!

Back Again With More News

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Hello everyone.

Finally I am back from my summer break. When I say this you may think that I have spent the last few months sitting on a beach somewhere, but oh no! I used my time wisely and I have found some great new, and paying PTC sites that you can join for free and earn from for real!

I have also released details of a new COMPETITION that we are launching on the 13th September, so to get a head start just click here, or click the COMPETITION link at the top of the page.

As I said, I have been searching out some new sites for you so let me start off by telling you about this great little PTC; XPclix.

Now this site is just like any other PTC. It accepts users from all countries, pays out via Paypal (minimum cash out 10c) and Alertpay (minimum cash out $1).

The site has paid me twice already and I am almost at my third. So if you want to earn some easy money click the banner below to sign up and start earning right now.

Mylot Payment

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Good news! I just signed into my email account to find that I have received a payment from mylot. So that's another $11 tucked safely away into my Paypal account.

If you want to make money, meet new people, and voice your opinions then why not join in the chat at mylot by clicking here.

All you have to do is respond to discussions or start a discussion of your own.

Happy chatting!

Play To Earn

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Sounds interesting eh?

What if I told you that I found a site where you can play games, accrue points and turn those point into Amazon vouchers...would you be interested?

Well there's nothing complicated about this one, you play game, socialise and earn points while you do it. To start you off your account is credited with 700,000 points and to get a $5 Amazon voucher you need to reach 1,000,000. The said voucher is then valid for 60 days and you can buy with it what you wish from

To register you account all you need to do is click right here

Good luck, and I hope to see your there very soon.